JINGLASS 2023 China Shanghai Glass Exhibition Successfully Ends


After three years, JINGLASS has once again made an appointment with you in Shanghai, witnessing the perfect conclusion of this glass event together with domestic and foreign glass industry manufacturers and colleagues.

微信图片_20230519084619.jpgDuring the exhibition, glass industry manufacturers from multiple countries at home and abroad visited the JINGLASS Huoshen Intelligent Tempering Furnace, and many customers showed great interest in intelligent control systems. This indicates that more and more glass processing enterprises are paying attention to creating high-quality high-end glass, and Huoshen Intelligent Tempering Furnace has become their best choice.

微信图片_20230519084630.jpgJinglass adheres to the concept of unlimited innovation and zero distance service. At the exhibition, we not only arranged a detailed explanation of product technology every day, but also arranged for professionals to provide detailed explanations of different stages of the product. Strive to provide customers with the highest quality service.

微信图片_20230519084943.jpgJINGLASS At the booth, every employee gathers energy and is full of vitality. The four-day China Glass Exhibition showcases the dazzling energy of Seiko. Even on the last day of the exhibition, the staff did not slack off at all. The reception was orderly, with a smile on their face. JINGLASS moved every customer with enthusiasm. Your full trust is the responsibility of Seiko to spare no effort.

微信图片_20230519090021.jpgEvery growth of Jinglass is inseparable from the trust and support of new and old customers! The 2023 Shanghai Glass Exhibition in China has come to a successful end. In the future, we will still go all out, never forget our original intention, and forge ahead. Thank you for accompanying us all the way, looking forward to meeting you again!