Smart Vision for the Future | Jinglass Meets You at the GlassTec Glass Exhibition in Germany

After four years, the world's leading glass technology and equipment exhibition, the German International Glass Technology Exhibition Glastec 2022, is about to kick off from 20th to 23rd this month at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Center in Germany!


Jinggong Machinery was also invited to attend this exhibition, showcasing Jinglass's latest products and glass toughening solutions. Our booth is located in Hall 12, Booth A35.


At the exhibition, Jinglass showcased a sample line of glass tempering equipment, which is also our latest product - the Huoshen Intelligent Tempering Furnace. With face-to-face and close contact, you can carefully inspect and touch the exquisite craftsmanship, and experience the new intelligent glass tempering processing technology.


The unique negative pressure convection technology of Huoshen Intelligent Tempering Furnace greatly improves heating efficiency, and with the upgrade of vector hot air, it greatly improves glass quality, perfectly solving the contradiction between surface quality and stress. The fine and dense wind field scanning weakens the wind spots and uneven stress caused by tempering, significantly improving the overall tempering quality. The Huoshen Intelligent Tempering Furnace, combined with iTemple operating software, is fully digital automated and can achieve remote monitoring of the entire factory, data cloud based, and truly achieve the glass industry 4.0.

At present, Jinglass's tempering equipment has been steadily operating in more than 50 countries worldwide. In the European region, we can provide various sample lines nearby for your visit and inspection, covering the processing of different glass sizes, different types of flat bending glass, and multiple equipment models.