Jinglass Machinery cordially invites visitors to the China Glass Exhibition



The China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition is a global glass industry event that brings together renowned domestic and foreign industry enterprises to participate. From an international perspective, it presents the production and manufacturing of flat glass, application of glass products, technical glass, glass deep processing equipment, raw materials, and refractory materials, showcasing the progress and achievements of the industry.

Hangzhou Jinggong Machinery Co., Ltd., as a leading enterprise in glass deep processing technology, is scheduled to participate in this grand event with new intelligent Vulcan tempering equipment and fully automatic intelligent online solutions, bringing you a perfect experience of intelligent technology and leading technology.





Huoshen Intelligent Tempering Equipment

Huoshen Intelligent Tempering Equipment combines seven major black technologies and has become a sharp tool for high-end glass deep processing enterprises to create high-quality products, allowing your products to establish new industry standards, and waiting for you to experience it firsthand on the exhibition stand.


Seiko Intelligent Connection

Seiko Intelligent Connection is a modern Industry 4.0 smart factory for glass deep processing enterprises. Through the intelligent operating system iTemple software and professional glass deep processing equipment, it focuses on high-quality tempered glass manufacturing, comprehensively summarizes and collects real-time analysis of various processes and process parameters in the production process, forming a full process automation management, To achieve stable production of high-quality tempered glass and lean and efficient intelligent manufacturing and management of the factory.

Seiko and you are inseparable!


Time: May 6-9, 2021

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Booth number: N3-151