3.2mm continuous furnace


Applicable scope:

Used for tempered processing of various high demand glass such as civil vehicles, furniture, home appliance glass, solar glass, etc.

Mid infrared system

By precisely controlling the temperature, the infrared band in the furnace is concentrated between 3 and 8 μ m. Only matched with the absorption range of glass, achieving efficient and precise heating, effectively protecting the film layer.

Special ceramic anchoring

Adopting high-performance ceramic fiber board and precision anchoring technology, it is more effective in preventing heat loss.

Electric heating power control system

All electric heating power is controlled by bidirectional thyristor, achieving stepless smooth adjustment of load power between 0 and 100%, making temperature control more precise and energy-saving.

The PID control method in the multiplication mode achieves the optimal target temperature control system, and heats the glass more evenly.

Modular combination upper and lower air intake grilles

The wind grille is modular, with high horizontal accuracy, convenient and precise adjustment, and strong recoverability.

Wind spot scanning, fully staggered design of wind eye, light wind spot and uniform tempered stress.

Wind grid compound threaded screw lifting system

The lifting and lowering of the wind grille adopts a compound threaded screw drive, which can open and close quickly and accurately, and the positioning accuracy can reach within 0.1mm.

Intelligent processing system for furnace blockage

Intelligent monitoring, when the furnace mouth is abnormal, it automatically enters the backward slice arrangement state and stops losses in a timely manner.

Intelligent control of glass furnace temperature

Real time control of glass furnace temperature, precise and efficient control of temperature, and improvement of glass quality.

Intelligent Wind Grid Fragment Detection

Real time monitoring of glass fragments inside the air grille to prevent furnace blockage and ensure more continuous and stable production.

Trackless deceleration in the wind grid section

The wind grille section adopts multi-stage control to optimize glass speed control, eliminate friction, and improve glass quality.

Intelligent cloud control

Equipped with online cloud and real-time synchronization with personal microcomputers, it can achieve precise control and online adjustment of process parameters.

Efficient fan control system

The series fan adopts intelligent control methods and can allocate different shares according to production needs, achieving efficient energy utilization.

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