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Technical characteristics

·All convection furnaces are suitable for a full range of Low-E glass products such as single silver and double silver with E ≥ 0.015.

·A unique square array external forced convection system provides continuous and uniform convective heating.


Convection System Layout - Square Matrix

The convection box presents an approximate square shape, and compared to a rectangular shape, its structure is relatively firm with less deformation, and the flow rate at extreme parts such as the center and corners will be more uniform.


Mid infrared system

By filtering the near-infrared radiation energy, the main wavelength that radiates onto the glass is 3-8 μ The infrared wavelength of m matches the absorption range of the glass plate.

Heating the glass substrate can effectively avoid overheating of the film, increase the heating rate, and achieve energy-saving.


Precision customized overhead convection fan

Adopting high-temperature resistant alloy materials, thermal bridge barrier technology, and multi blade design, it has been meticulously crafted through more than 20 processes, with high flow rate, firmness, and energy conservation.


Special ceramic anchoring

Adopting high-performance ceramic fiber board and precision anchoring technology, it is more effective in preventing heat loss.


Electric heating power control system

The electric heating power is all controlled by bidirectional thyristor, achieving stepless smooth adjustment of load power between 0 and 100%, making temperature control more accurate.

The PID control method in the multiplication mode achieves the optimal target temperature control system, and heats the glass more evenly.


Modular combined wind grille

The modular combination wind grille has convenient horizontal adjustment and strong recoverability.

Wind spot scanning, fully staggered design of wind eye, light wind spot and uniform tempered stress.

Wind grid double threaded screw lifting system

The lifting and lowering of the wind grille adopts screw drive, which can open and close quickly, and the positioning accuracy can reach 0.3mm.


High flow fan: Shanghai General Motors

The motor adopts a direct connection method, which is reliable, durable, energy-saving, and has a low failure rate.

Inverter brands: Mitsubishi, Schneider.

Technical Parameter