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To make the development of enterprises take off with the ambition of the foundry industry

In late April 2018, China Glass Fair was held in Shanghai New International Exposition Center. Over 800 manufacturers attended the exhibition, which showed the overall trend of steady progress in the glass industry. Pay attention to it.

Glass toughening furnace is a kind of non-standard equipment, which needs a large amount of money when purchasing, inspection and maintenance are also limited, so the choice of glass toughening furnace is very skillful. Therefore, the selection of glass toughening furnace should consider the enterprise qualification, comprehensive performance and after-sales service comprehensively. It is generally recommended to purchase toughened furnaces made by well-known and professional toughened equipment manufacturers. After investigation and research, we found that a tempering furnace manufacturer named Seiko Machinery was frequently mentioned at the exhibition. We visited this company with curiosity. This company has its own tempering furnace manufacturer and R&D base. It has all kinds of qualifications and can effectively guarantee the quality of products. Advanced R & D results, sound development, guarantee after-sales service and professional.

The data collected by the author shows that many customers have affirmed that the company's glass tempering furnace, energy-saving, stable operation of the two feedback is the best, many customers said that "after-sales is also very in place." Seiko machinery senior technical staff told us, "The cost of glass tempering furnace itself is very expensive, poor equipment, glass is easy to deform, on the glass smoothness and granularity have a great impact. The remote toughening furnace adopts a special forced convection fan system to ensure energy saving. "A lot of glass producers are concerned about the quality of our tempering furnace and energy-saving effect, so after looking at the direct order. Our factory visits a lot of people every day, with many enterprises in Jiangxi, Suzhou and even abroad have reached a deep cooperation. Many employees are proud of this.

In the survey, some customers also responded that the price of tempering furnaces for Seiko machinery was slightly higher than other brands of the same kind of products. In this investigation, the author understands that the main price difference between the tempering furnace of Seiko Machinery and other manufacturers lies in the configuration of tempering furnace. Similarly, tempering furnace, their temperature zone configuration is twice as much as others, at the same time, wire electrical appliances are also high-matched only in this respect will be more than 100,000 more, Seiko tempering furnace's wind grid structure is completely different from other manufacturers, more and more refined fans, although the cost of equipment increases a lot, but the equipment energy-saving will be very significant - Jingquan The Department can monitor energy saving by 30%. In order to bring better products and services to customers, Yuanjingmei spends a great deal of money on equipment production to improve the configuration and machine structure, and strive to customers get the first time to put into production of tempering furnace can be efficient, for enterprises to win benefits.

Some people in the industry also puzzled us: "Seiko's tempering furnace early investment is relatively not the cheapest, but later put into use, the cost input will be greatly reduced, especially the power saving this, I have a deep understanding." In 2015, senior government departments in the glass industry actually measured that the mechanical tempering furnaces used for finishing were made of 5mm glass and consumed 2.47 kWh of electricity, generally between 3.5 and 4.5 kWh in the industry. It is very low in the industry, which is about 1 degrees lower than the average electricity consumption in the industry.