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What is laminated glass?

Glued glass, also known as glued glass, is a composite glass product consisting of two or more pieces of glass with one or more layers of organic polymer intermediate film between them. After special high temperature pre-pressing (or vacuum) and high temperature and high pressure treatment, the glass and the intermediate film are permanently bonded together.

Commonly used sandwiched glass intermediate films are: PVB, SGP, EVA, PU and so on.

In addition, there are some more special such as colored interlayer laminated glass, SGX printing interlayer laminated glass, XIR LOW-E interlayer laminated glass and so on. Embedded decorative parts (metal mesh, metal plate, etc.) glued glass, embedded PET material glued glass and other decorative and functional glued glass.

The main categories of laminated glass are:

According to the melting point of the intermediate film, it can be divided into: low temperature glass, high temperature glass, hollow glass;

According to the different materials in the middle, it can be divided into paper clip, cloth clip, plant clip, silk clip, metal wire clip and many other kinds.

According to the different bonding methods between the sandwich, it can be divided into: mixed glass, dry glass, hollow glass;

According to the different kinds of interlayer, it can be divided into: General adhesive glass and bulletproof glass.

Properties of laminated glass materials:

Glued glass, as a kind of safety glass, will not produce sharp debris when it is broken by impact because of the bonding effect of PVB film between two ordinary glass pieces. This effectively prevents the occurrence of debris puncture and penetration incidents, and ensures personal safety.

Key points of sandwich glass purchase

Look at the logo and check the certificate.

Since the safety glass product certification was carried out in 2003, most of the construction glue glass manufacturers in China have passed the product certification. The enterprises must screen or paste the 3C mark on the sold product itself, or add the 3C mark on the minimum package and the attached documents (such as certificate). When choosing a product, first check whether there is a 3C logo, and check whether the product purchased is within the scope of the enterprise's ability to pass the compulsory certification through the network according to enterprise information, factory number or product certification certificate, and whether the certification certificate is valid.

Look at the quality of appearance inspection

To inspect the appearance quality of the product, there should be no cracks or degumming in the glued glass; the length or width of the explosive edge should not exceed the thickness of the glass; scratches and abrasions should not affect the use; defects such as bubbles, impurities or other observable opacity in the intermediate layer should not exceed the requirements of GB/T 15763.3.

In the course of using, the impact of external force should be avoided as far as possible, especially the impact of toughened glass with glue clamp should be avoided. Do not scratch or scratch or abrasion the glass surface when cleaning the glass, so as not to affect its optical performance, safety performance and aesthetic. Neutral rubber should be used in the installation of laminated glass, and contact with acidic adhesive is strictly prohibited.