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Maintenance of glass tempering furnace

Glass tempering furnace mainly uses physical or chemical methods to form a compressive stress layer on the surface of glass and a tensile stress layer on the inside. Therefore, when the glass is subjected to external forces, the compressive stress layer can partly offset the tensile stress and avoid glass breakage, which can improve the strength of glass, and glass on the glass tempering furnace. Glass surface microcracks become more subtle under this compressive stress, but also to a certain extent, improve the strength of glass, glass tempering furnace types are many, such as electric heating glass tempering furnace and gas heating glass tempering furnace, different tempering furnace in the use of the operation also has a different role, then, in daily life How to maintain the use process?

1. Glass tempering furnace is made of glass material, therefore, the treatment of glass should be more cautious in maintenance, so as to ensure the normal operation and work of glass tempering furnace in the course of use 2. In daily use to keep the glass clean and clean, need to keep the edge smooth. Where the glass protrudes, it must be kept free of small particles or the glass is likely to crack during production, so more attention should be paid to it.