Jinglass Vulcan intelligent tempering furnace appears in Milan glass industry exhibition, Italy - Hangzhou jinglass Machinery Co., Ltd

Jinglass Vulcan intelligent tempering furnace appears in Milan glass industry exhibition, Italy

The last hot wave of summer slowly disappeared in the flowing time. The Chinese National Day festival brought the coolness of golden autumn. In this harvest season, the glass industry exhibition in Milan, Italy met as scheduled. The sales and service team led by the agent of Jinglass in Italy attended the event.

During the Milan exhibition, the agent team of Jinglass in Italy showed the company and Jinglass latest product, Vulcan intelligent tempering equipment.The innovative appearance design and unique manufacturing technology of Vulcan have attracted the attention of many glass deep-processing customers, and the intelligent production of Vulcan has been praised by customers.Vulcan intelligent tempering furnace replaces manual labor for intelligent production. The integrated development of intelligent machinery has brought new vitality and vitality to glass production and become a highlight of the exhibition.




Glass people from Germany, France, the Czech, Poland and other countries expressed great interests in Vulcan intelligent toughening equipment. They reached a cooperation intention at the exhibition site. It is believed that Vulcan intelligent tempering equipment will blossom everywhere in the European market in the near future.

The exhibition holds in Fiera Milano rho, the exhibition hall of new Milan, Italy, from October 5 to 8. 2021. Almost 400 enterprises from around the world will participate in the exhibition. The exhibits cover glass machinery, glass products, glass accessories and other services. Milan glass exhibition is the largest and most influential glass industry exhibition in Italy. It was founded in 1979. It is held every two years. It is one of the three professional glass exhibitions in the world as famous as Dusseldorf international glass exhibition in Germany and China International Glass Exhibition.