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Intelligent connection for the quality as the focal point of factory

In the past two years, smart factory has been a hot topic of concern in the whole society and has penetrated into all kinds of glass processing enterprises. At present, most large Chinese glass processing enterprises have reached intelligent production, and small and medium-scaled enterprises are facing how to upgrade and improve. Combined with the current situation of the industry and investment expectation, cutting, edging and tempering connection is the most mature intelligent connection scheme so far, which is suitable for the intelligent upgrading of most glass  processing plants.

Jinglass has reached glass intelligent storage solution as early as 2018, and grandly displayed connected products at the exhibition, which has attracted high attention in the industry.Now, the glass deep processing intelligent connection of Jinglass is more mature and the technology is more stable, which is favored by many customers. Some of its characteristics are as follows.


1. From cutting to tempered glass, the glass in whole processing course does not touch to the ground, and the processes are connected orderly, so as to truly realize continuous automatic production.

2.In the production process, the glass does not fall to the ground, does not stack, does not fall to the shelf, and the glass damage probability is minimized in the processing process.

3.Workers have less chance contact with glass, thus reducing the injury probability of workers during operation, and greatly reducing the labor intensity.

4. The number of intelligent connection workers for cutting and grinding single machine is 5 people / shift, which can save 10-12 people (2 shifts / day) compared with the traditional respective machines production. The whole process does not fall off the rack, which can save a lot of turnover racks.

5. Equipped with damage feedback interface, real-time production information feedback.

6. The cloud database automatically matches the best process parameters, keeps all records, and provides traceability credentials and production management.