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Jinglass Vulcan intelligent tempering machine

During the 31st China Glass 2021, the Vulcan intelligent tempering line exhibited by Jinglass became the Superstar of the whole exhibition.This exhibition, there is no new products have been launched by glass tempering equipment manufacturers. Jinglass has launched a new Vulcan series of intelligent tempering equipment. Through continuous technology innovation and product upgrading, Jinglass provides users with the latest intelligent tempering and fire-proof glass solutions.


Itemper intelligent operation, self adaptation

Vulcan tempering furnace has unique Itemper intelligent operation software, which has intelligent platform and supports online cloud database service, Zero distance service; Intelligently monitor order production, complete production management and product traceability, and truly realize intelligent factory;Vulcan can automate production, eliminate human errors, ensure the stability and reliability of long-term production and operation. Management truly enjoy the success in a relaxed atmosphere.


Vulcan adaptive system

Automatically identify the glass and automatically match the best processing parameters stored in the cloud. The heating curve, convection curve and quenching process are free from setting; Monitor and feedback in real time, keep all records completely, and provide traceability credentials and production management; Overall digital automation to eliminate human interference; Greatly improve the standardization and accuracy of parameters and eliminate the trouble of glass and work shifts switching.

With Vulcan and itemper, the remote monitoring of the whole plant can be realized, and the data cloud can be realized to achieve the real glass industry 4.0


In addition to the flat tempering basic models for the perfect choice for quality customers,  Vulcan tempering furnaces can also provide you with various flat-bend and bend-bend combinations to meet the needs of different requirements.It can also form a connection factory with your existing or equipments ready to be purchases , and regulate other equipment through Vulcan and itemper detection to realize glass industry 4.0.