Jinglass is popular on the stage, and Vulcan makes an amazing appearance - Hangzhou jinglass Machinery Co., Ltd

Jinglass is popular on the stage, and Vulcan makes an amazing appearance

May 6, the 31st China Glass 2021 opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center. As two major professional exhibitions in the global glass industry, the 31st China glass exhibition adheres to the exhibition concept of "Professionalization, internationalization and large-scale", and comprehensively displays the innovative development achievements of the global glass industry.Hangzhou Jinglass Co., Ltd., as a leading enterprise in tempering equipment technology, appeared in this exhibition and showed her customers new products and technologies of Jinglass.

In this exhibition, Jinglass, with the theme of "intelligent tempering furnace is the cornerstone of pre-processing connection", demonstrated the new technology of Jinglass - intelligent connection with quality as the core to professional audiences and customers, and expounded the glass deep processing and upgrading scheme with pre-processing and intelligent tempering as the main line; New product - Vulcan tempering furnace, which focuses on the intelligent tempering equipment for the production of fireproof glass. Let’s witness the live moments of Jinglass exhibition.


The 31st China Glass Exhibition


Jinglass booth debut


The booth design adheres to the Jinglass style


Vulcan intelligent tempering equipment attracts many visitors


Two lectures on intelligent connection technology every day


New and old customers come to the booth for consultation and communication