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Scorching hot sun, holiday waves - Jinglass summer record

At the company's monthly meeting, Seiko general manager Yao Min asked: have you had a good rest? The scene immediately responded to a good laugh and a happy laugh. Why is it so hot? Of course, summer vacation is good! Employees use their holidays to travel abroad or accompany relatives and friends, to avoid crowds and to be more relaxed, and everyone is satisfied.

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The annual summer vacation is the tradition of the Seiko, of course, to complete the work before the start of the holiday, the system has won the praise of employees, but also love their work. Take work as a pleasure, do what you should do at present, and strive for perfection, as Inamori said: "The most important purpose of work is to hone your mind and enhance your personality through work."


In 2016, the company went to Thailand.

Let's work hard together.

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