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Peace of mind, in Renhe!

Deng Gong is an electrical engineering and technical personnel, in the Seiko 12 years, shuttle home and abroad, is Seiko after-sales commissioning of one of the backbone.

In May, Deng Gong found Yao general and rushed to say, "Yao Gong, I want to borrow some money." Because of his children's school affairs, he needs to pay back the mortgage in advance, in order to settle for children to enter school. Originally he bought a house in Renhe a few years ago in order to facilitate children to enter school in the future, but due to changes in Hangzhou policy, has been unable to complete the settlement. Seeing that school is coming soon, he and his family are very anxious, and there is no way out.

This is not the first time that Yao has been asked for help with his children's schooling. However, General Yao first responded to the senior leadership of Ren and the base command. To help enterprises retain talents, the command office arranges the integrated office and Seiko docking. Because of Deng Gong's long-term business trip, the company's administrative department helped him to follow up this matter and pacify him. We must trust the government, the command leadership will solve it for us.

This month, the matter of children's enrollment has finally come to an end. In order to express his gratitude to his family, Deng returned to China and offered to send a banner to the command post. He said that now Renhe is also his home, conscientiously do their own work, to be a qualified new Hangzhou people, for Seiko and Renhe to contribute their strength.

  (孩子在幼儿园玩耍)                                                                                                                                               (与仁和基地指挥部工作人员合影)