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Operation of tempering furnace in production process

O entry operation

Glass must be polished and cleaned, and no damage, can be placed into the tablet, the distance between the glass is more than 50 mm, the production of thin and small glass can be appropriate to increase the space between the laying. The total width and length of the glass should not exceed the specification stipulated by the type of tempering furnace. Otherwise, it may cause some troubles such as jammed doors. After the glass is placed and moved into the tables to the tables, the button of "Input Button" is pressed in the production form. If there is no glass in the furnace, the glass on the tables will enter the tempering furnace immediately, such as in the furnace. In the meantime, if the knob on the operating table hits the furnace automatically, the glass will enter the furnace automatically after the furnace is out of the furnace. If the knob hits the semi-automatic, the glass will automatically enter the furnace if the button is pressed again. In addition, the length of the glass is automatically measured by the computer when the glass is inserted into the sheet, and the swing amplitude in the furnace is automatically controlled to improve the uniformity of the glass heated in the furnace.

Heating operation

After the glass enters the tempering furnace, each heating area will be heated automatically according to the arrangement of the glass. Attention should be paid to the change of temperature in each area of the furnace. If the change of temperature in the furnace is very uneven, the temperature should be adjusted appropriately. During the heating period, the heating time can be changed at any time. When heating, the front door can be opened to observe the furnace. Glass conditions, such as explosion or other accidents, should be quickly discharged from the furnace glass, to prevent glass from breaking into the furnace and sticking to the ceramic roller.

Heating time control

The heating time of the glass in the furnace is calculated by 1 mm 30~45 sec. Glass thickness has a certain error, the composition of the glass manufacturer also has differences, so heating time also needs to be adjusted. The color of glass is different, heating time also needs to be adjusted. Usually, the glass with deep color absorbs heat quickly, and the heating time decreases accordingly. There is also a slight difference in heating time between reentry furnace and continuous furnace. Due to the longer air heating time and more heat accumulated in the furnace, the heating time is reduced accordingly. The larger the loading area, the longer the heating time, and the less the loading area, the shorter the heating time. The heating time should be lengthened appropriately when the glass is drilled, concave or sharp angle is less than 30 C. Generally, the heating time should be increased by 2.5~10%. If there are colored glass, the heating time should be reduced a little, generally reducing about 3~5%. If the production of cloth, water, pear and other glass according to its thickest point to calculate the heating time and appropriate extension of some heating time, generally increase about 5-10%.

O operation

When the glass is discharged from the furnace, the operator should observe the discharging situation at the back door and deal with the manual discharging promptly when problems such as glass jamming or incomplete discharging are found. Stop the next furnace.