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Detail determines quality -- Seiko conducts tolerance training.

In order to better control the accuracy of parts processing, the company has held tolerance matching training courses, unified company drawing tolerance standards, design, research and development, procurement, quality inspection, bearing installation personnel and their leaders to participate in this training.


In the form of PPT, Liu Yinghao, a R & D Engineer, mainly explained the following points:

1 The summary of interchangeability, only according to a certain tolerance standard for design and manufacturing, and according to a certain standard for testing, interchangeability can be achieved.

2. Limit and fit of bore shaft mainly include national standard of limit and fit, tolerance and fit stipulated by national standard, selection of tolerance belt and fit, etc.

3. Tolerance and detection of shape and position, mainly including the marking of shape tolerance, the selection of shape and position tolerance, the detection principle of shape and position tolerance.

Fourth, the commonly used measuring tools, measuring instruments and testing, respectively, explained the vernier caliper, sub-meter, micrometer and common measuring tools and measuring instrument maintenance.



Details determine the quality, Seiko from the accuracy of parts processing, to ensure high quality production, to steadily enhance the stability of the equipment to provide a solid foundation.